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Payplans Dictate Behavior

I.  Employers

1. The right questions to ask during an interview.
2. Utilizing employee Payplans to achieve desired goals (RESULTS).
3. Building moral with individual and team Payplans to avoid conflict and turnover.
4. Paying top employees more and rotating/terminating the worst employees.
5. How jealousy ruins businesses.
6. Negotiating new hire Payplans.
7. All types of compensation.


II.  Why Socialism Fails

1. Minimum wage and low skill employees.
2. Socialism/Welfare for the rich–pro sports.
3. True moral hazard, working the system.
4. Political pandering to both the poor and the rich.


III. Employees

1. Understanding your own personal goals.
2. Why you should never take an hourly pay position.
3. How to choose the career or job that will achieve your desired goals.
4. Take the leap and start your own business.


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