Small Business, Big Business, Individuals, and Governments would become more efficient and successful if they really understood the meaning of

“Payplans Dictate Behavior”

My consulting services and Ebook are a great way to educate yourself, and to teach you how to successfully manage your business and your employees through their Payplan. Most consulting services focus on cost cutting, making your business more efficient, and focusing on management/teamwork. I have been managing businesses for almost 25 years, and I can assure you that trying to “cut” your way to profitability is a recipe for disaster. As a business owner, you know more about your core business than anyone else possibly can. Why pay a “consultant” who claims to be a “savior”, who will do nothing more than tell you how to “cut” overhead, or that you need “to spend more in advertising”.

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My services focus on Analysis, Strategy, Sales Training and Marketing. All of these services utilize proper payplans which can enable a business to literally run itself!

proper employee Payplans can help you obtain  →



Customer Satisfaction

Low Employee Turnover

Higher Moral

Higher Company Profitability

Payplans Dictate Behavior Consulting Services and Ebook are for you if you answer “no” to any of the following question:


Do you understand the 4 motivations for people seeking employment?


Do you compensate your employees with more than a monetary paycheck?


Does your business have extremely low employee turnover?


Does your senior management have an ownership percentage, or the possibility of ownership?


Does your business have payplans that focus 100% on team goals?

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