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Is your payroll 26 times a year (every other Friday) or 24 times a year? Make it 24 times a year. When comparing year over year in a business, the extra payroll becomes a problem. Cash flow can become a problem as well.


PayPlans Dictate behavior


P and L analysis is essential when coming up with strategies and Payplans. Business owners are amazed at what they don’t look at after being informed. Usually, a business owner looks at how much profit was earned in a given month. If the profit is more than the previous month, or year over year, most conclude that the business is doing well. Hint: measuring against ones own success or failure is not an accurate measuring stick! At PDB we look at many metrics depending on the type of business.

PayPlans Dictate behavior


A business without a strategy is like a rudderless ship moving aimlessly in the ocean. Our comprehensive strategies will include a marketing strategy and how to use payplans to achieve desired objectives.

Any owner knows more about their business (or should know) than anyone else. Cutting unnecessary expenses and terminating employees is usually not a long-term solution to achieving higher profits. If you are trying to achieve a short-term profit increase to sell your company, you may not need our consulting services. At Payplans Dictate Behavior we will structure everyones’ compensation to achieve the businesses’ long-term success. Most businesses simply pay what the “market” is paying for certain positions, and do not take the time to structure plans that are motivating to employees. No business should ever have to say “I am paying …… too much money” or “…… is not worth what I am paying him”.

Having changed employee compensation plans in the past, I know what you can expect. The top performers will make more money. The bottom performers will complain until they “fire themselves” because they will make less money. A positive culture will take place within 3 months, and you will have employees who literally manage themselves and help the company achieve exponential success.

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